Facebook rolls out new layout for Business pages

New Page Layout Facebook

New Page Layout Facebook

Recently, Facebook rolled out a new layout for the Business page. This roll out will give a clear view of the cover pictures. And all the options that were below on the cover picture are now shifted extreme left.

Profile picture of the page also has been shifted the left. And profile picture placed above all options given in left hand side. The page name is just below the profile picture followed by page username.

All other options such as page insights, about, page tips, photos, videos, reviews and Liked by the page shift to right hand side. See the new look in the below image.

Facebook Business Page New Layout

Facebook Business Page New Layout – Full View

Though, this layout is yet to be rolled out for all. Few of the select Facebook users have got this layout. This may be the indication of the change in the page layout in the future. The older lay out of the page is below. You can see both layouts and compare the changes.

Facebook Older Page Layout

Facebook Older Page Layout

In the old layout, Profile Picture was placed on the Cover Picture which doesn’t let your customers to view your full cover picture where you may put your business information. Space just below the cover picture is used for the option like Home, about, Photo, Events etc. Now this space has been assigned to Like, Messages and More buttons formally these buttons were available on the cover picture.

Benefits of the New Layout

Now, you can showcase your full information about your business which will be 100% viewable by all. There is no need to click on the cover picture and see all the information.

This roll out is good for the business which are paying to Facebook for the growth. And this rolls out is seems for helping them.

The social networking giant used to make this type of the changes in the interest of the users. So, we are hoping this roll out will be available for all soon.

Did you get a new layout for you page? Let me know if you got. Let me know what you feel about this change in the comment below.


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