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Dear readers, I am going to start an interview series on my blog and it is a very happy moment for me, as I have with me on the interview string none other than Atish Ranjan. Yes, your guess is very accurate he is the founder of
He is a passionate blogger and he has started blogging back in 2010. Now, he is a very experienced SEO blogger. Now, I don’t waste any more time as I am going to start the chat. Here questions go:
How do you define yourself?
I am Atish Ranjan, and I am a full-time blogger from India. I love to blog every day, in fact, every hour. I am from the Sitamarhi, Bihar (Sita Mata’s birthplace), but I had migrated to New Delhi way back in 2004 after passing out10thstandard. Since then, I have studied here, and then worked for some private firms for around 4.5 years as SEO. On 31st March 2015 I have chosen full-time blogging and entrepreneurship by leaving my day job.
How you get passion for blogging?
When I was pursuing BCA, I used to moderate one my friends’ forum just because I loved to do that though that forum is not live now. There I met Zainil and became good friends with him. One day he only said that to start ablog if I like sharing my learning online.

That is the turning point. I have started a blog on and began working passionately on that along with Zainil. We have run it for more than a year, got AdSense with that blog only. Later, we came to know about WordPress, and then we migrated the blog to WP. That was my first blog, and now it has become my identity online. That blog is techtricksworld And the Journey got started.

The funny thing was that I was not aware that what I was doing is called blogging. Even at the initial stage, I was not aware that I could make money out of it.

So, there was nothing like passion but it just got started, and once I plunged into it I had fallen in love with it, and the hangover is still there on mymind.
Your specialization is in SEO and tech blogging, how do you keep yourself stable in SEO field that changes now and then?
As I said I have worked as an SEO in a few private firms, I had to keep myself upto date with the SEO industry. I mostly watch Google Webmaster videos by Matt Cutts, and apart from it blogs like search engine land, search engine journal, MOZ are on my reading list as they always update the latest SEO happenings.

When it comes to technology, I keep myself updated with Google News, Yahoo News, Techcrunch, and Mashable.
How would be the future of SEO, SMO, SMM and Tech blogging?
SEO is good, but SMO and SMM are the strategies that are being focused more because SEO is suffering due to Google’ssearch algorithms updates that don’t let you do SEO the way you were doing a few years ago. SEO has been changed a lot, and it still has future, but SMM is taking the front seat.

Tech blogging will be in the limelight forever because everyday new gadgets and technologies are coming in the market. So the future of these is great.
What do you do when you run out of the topics and where and how you find an idea for writing about?
Running out of ideas is very common among bloggers. But, there are so many things you can do to find new ideas. The first thing, I want to say that when you are not getting ideas then don’t stress much and take a break for a few hours. In those few hours, do other things than blogging. This helpsreenergize your mind.

You can check out my article in which I have mentioned what I do, and what you should do while running out of ideas.
In blogging, it’s very though to survive, however; you are doing since 2010. How do you make it possible?Specially, the money part. How do you make money from blogging?
Interesting question!

Yes, it is tough to survive into blogging if you need to earn money for your living. As I said, I have been doing a day job till March 2015 so money from blogging was not a factor for me as I had the other source of income. But still I managed to earn enough that I was able to leave the day job.

The thing helped me so much is networking. I have been networking with bloggers, advertisers, companies, etc. ever since I had started blogging. That really helped me gettingadvertisers to my blogs. My main earning source is advertising and sponsored reviews.

My other sources of income: Affiliate marketing, Adsense, Services I offer at

I work more than 12-14 hours everyday, and that is what helped me stay in the competition and keep making money to pay my bills. I never feel lazy when it comes to working on my blogs.

I would like to say that if you are passionate about something, anything is possible.

Thanks for having me on your blog, Chandan!

Thank You very much to you as well Atish. Without your involvement a wonderful interview couldn’t be possible.

Readers I personally recommend to visit Atish’s blog. You will find some beautiful tips over SEO and technology.

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    Thanks for an inspring interview. I know techtricksworld very well. Keep it up.

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